Kore Group is an innovative branded merchandise and promotional marketing agency. Established in the stylish 1970’s and ever-changing with the times, our old-school, service-centric approach is matched with a deep bank of resources. Drawing from our favorite manufacturers, makers and innovators we offer you the best method to reach your audience or turn heads at your event. Equally as comfortable with bespoke creations as we are with finding unique ready-made items, our focus is on hitting deadlines and staying on budget. We understand the challenges you face and our approach is to make things easy for you from our first idea meeting to the last email supplying you with tracking numbers.


How We Do It

We build lasting relationships with clients and support their marketing efforts by understanding their preferences, habits and behaviors. We use tools they may not have or provide bandwidth they may lack. No two clients are alike, so our role varies with each relationship. Sometimes we’re the outsourced marketing department, sometimes the clever intern, but we’re always the stylish friend with all the connections. We’ve got your back.


Promotional marketing products are a proven tool to engage with customers and the public, but authenticity is critical. We are passionate about offering quality items that have value and purpose, with positive brand recognition. We seek out and share products with integrity that are responsibly & safely made for all concerned. Sustainable products and/or domestic makers are our first choices when sourcing items that will reflect favorably on our customers’ brands.


Print’s role in marketing has become a supporting role to online messaging and it's still a powerful medium when it’s imaginative. Decades of design and production experience in printing and packaging are behind our many success stories. The skilled craftsmen and women of the American printshop are alive and well. Letterpress printing, embossing, die-cutting and other artistic processes are skills we love. We’re paper geeks and jump at a chance to prove it.


Event marketing is the point where the match meets the fuse and emotional responses convert perceptions about your brand. Kore Group brings brand consistency to the off-line experiences where companies face customers - events, festivals & trade shows. Signage, booths, apparel, gifts & giveaways are all opportunities for impactful branding. Our 15 year partnership with a leading event company gives us unique insight in this arena.


We take the pain out of the last steps to make it all succeed. Web stores, warehousing & distribution, pick/pack/ship services and gift fulfillment are all things we are dedicated to making simple for our clients. From custom packaging to global distribution, we’ve got the details covered.

Let Kore Group work magic for you. Our single point of contact approach makes your job simple. Our entire team is at work behind the scenes with sourcing, concepts and ideas with singular focus on your budget and deadline. We’ll nail all the details and remain spot on your brand guidelines. Perfectly paired product and brand message is our goal every time and we think you’ll like the outcome.

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